Can You Eat Bread after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Can You Eat Bread after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

June 15, 2023

Removing your wisdom teeth requires oral surgery and some recovery time when you must exercise caution with the foods you have during your recovery. If scheduled for wisdom teeth removal, whether one or four, you must inquire about what foods to include in your recovery because it helps you remain nourished and healthy after the procedure.


When recovering from a wisdom tooth removal, it is crucial to ensure you are getting nutrition and not trying to survive on empty calories and comfort food because of the pain you experience. You must also keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water without considering carbonated drinks, alcohol, et cetera, because they can delay healing.


The Langley dentist suggests having broths and soups without meat chunks, yogurt, pudding, protein shakes, applesauce, mashed potatoes, eggs, herbal teas, macaroni and cheese, et cetera, during the initial 24 hours.


You cannot consider raw fruits and vegetables, chips, cookies, nuts, or tough bread and crackers in your diet because they are challenging to chew and can remain trapped in the surgical site to require additional treatments.


Besides the above, you must avoid having spicy and hot foods because you might experience sensitivity at the surgical site. The Langley Dental clinic also suggests avoiding sticky foods to ensure you don’t confront challenges chewing the foods or dislodging the blood clot in the extraction site to become a victim of a dry socket. This painful condition will need treatments from a local dentist for relief.


When recommended wisdom tooth extraction by the dentist near you, it helps if you inquire about the foods you can or cannot have during the initial days of your recovery to prevent complications that might arise if you don’t care for the surgical site.


Any restrictions imposed upon you after wisdom tooth removal will likely remain for a week before you can incorporate your regular foods into your diet in approximately two weeks. However, you must refrain from crunchy and chewy foods after a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth to help your recovery remain comfortable.


Wisdom teeth removal are relatively standard procedure performed by Allard Dental Centre on many patients. Removing your wisdom teeth will make it easier for you to recover quickly following their instructions after a surgical procedure.