Steps to Facilitate Healing and Recovery Following a Root Canal Procedure

Steps to Facilitate Healing and Recovery Following a Root Canal Procedure

August 1, 2023

After receiving a root canal, the recovery process may be scary. You might picture yourself as being in a miserable state for a few weeks. However, the healing process lasts merely a few days but can extend if you don’t listen to the dentist in Langley’s instructions.

Healing after a root canal should remain your concern making you determined to follow your dentist’s instructions. Here is how you should care for yourself and your mouth after a root canal.

Optimal Steps to Promote Healing and Recovery after Undergoing a Root Canal Procedure

Get Plenty of Rest: the dentist in Langley advises getting plenty of rest in the days following the endodontic treatment. The post-root canal care treatment entails getting adequate sleep to help your body recover. When sleeping, ensure you elevate your head using extra pillows to minimize pain in the treated tooth. It helps if you remember the lack of sleep will prolong your healing.

Refrain from Eating Immediately: you might want to snack immediately after endodontic treatment. However, you must refrain from eating until your mouth is no longer numbed from the anesthesia you received during the procedure.

Saltwater Rinses: brushing the treated tooth becomes challenging immediately after a root canal. However, you must clean the tooth by rinsing it with warm salt water several times daily to keep the area clean and prevent swelling.

Eating Ice Cream: the dentist may surprise you with information that you can eat as much ice cream as you desire after a root canal, ensuring it is free from nuts and chunks. Ice cream helps alleviate inflammation and infection. However, you must refrain from smoking, alcohol, hard and sticky foods, hot beverages, et cetera because they encourage infections.

Taking Suggested Medications: you will likely experience pain from the treatment after the anesthesia wears off. When you feel discomfort, do not panic because it is expected. The pain is from the treatment and not the infection that made you require a root canal. The dentist advises painkillers to help manage the pain and swelling. You must take the medications as suggested without skipping doses to minimize your recovery time as best as possible.

If you have a painful tooth needing a root canal, ensure you receive the therapy from Allard Dental Center, which provides instructions on a quick recovery after the procedure.