Dental Bonding In Langley Township, BC

Dental Tooth Bonding in Langley, BC

Dental bonding is aimed at improving the appearance of a patient’s smile by using tooth-colored composite resin. Dentists near you use this procedure if you have a chipped tooth, a gap between your teeth, or if you wish to change the overall shape or color of your teeth. Dentists can remove dental bonding, unlike porcelain veneers and other invasive cosmetic procedures.

Our dentists at Allard Dental Centre will apply a tooth-colored resin material to the tooth’s surface to change its size, shape, or color. Tooth bonding in Langley, BC, is used to:

  • Conceal cracks and chips in your teeth
  • Solve tooth discoloration issues
  • Close the spaces and gaps between the teeth
  • Change the shape of the teeth
  • Make teeth look longer and more refined
  • Restore a beautiful look and smile

What Happens in Dental Bonding

A tooth bonding procedure involves several steps. Our dentists in Langley, BC, will:

  • Determine the shade: We use a shade guide to select the bonding material that will match the teeth’s natural color.
  • Prepare the tooth: Our dentists will roughen the tooth and apply a conditioning liquid. This way, the bonding material or composite resin can stick to the tooth.
  • Apply the bonding material: We mold and smoothen the bonding material to the desired shape and form.
  • Cure the material: We harden the material with a curing light, helping it bond to the tooth’s surface.
  • Polish the tooth: Lastly, our dentists make changes, if any, to the bonding. We also polish the tooth to give it a natural shine.

Dental Bonding Aftercare

Taking care of your teeth after the bonding process helps determine the longevity of the restorations. At Allard Dental Centre, our dentists recommend that, after dental bonding, you should brush regularly at least two times each day. You also floss your teeth daily. The bonding material used to make dental bonds can also accidentally break or chip. If this happens, look for our dentists near you. Visit Allard Dental Centre today to find out about dental bonding in Langley, BC.