Dental Crowns In Langley Township, BC

Dental Crowns in Langley, BC

Crowns are special dental caps placed on teeth to offer protection, cover, and restore teeth to their desired shape and size. Over time, teeth may get damaged from various things, including tooth decay, dental injuries, or daily wear from use. If you have a damaged tooth, you should see our dentists in Langley, BC, to determine if dental crowns are a solution. At Allard Dental Centre, our dental crowns will be fitted snugly over your affected tooth and look, work, and feel like a regular tooth.

Who Needs Dental Crowns in Langley, BC

If you have any one of below issues, crowns can be helpful:

  • If any of your teeth are weakened, probably from decay or breaking, the dental crown will help protect them and keep them intact, preventing further weakening or damage
  • If any of your teeth are severely worn down, then dental crowns are a restorative solution
  • If you had a large cavity or have had a significant portion of your tooth destroyed
  • After the fitting of implants, crowns are the last step and cover the fitted implants
  • Dentists can also cover discoloration or poorly shaped teeth with the crown.

Crown Placement Process

In the first visit, we get X-rays of the tooth and nearby bony tissue. A root canal treatment can be performed if you have tooth decay or are at risk of tooth infection. We prep the tooth by shaving down the sides and top areas to create space for crown placement. We make a copy of the tooth by taking an impression. The crown is made using the tooth’s copy or mold. A temporary crown covers the tooth during the period the final crown is being fabricated. Last, you visit us to get the final crown fitted.

Once you have received your dental crowns, maintain proper oral hygiene. Avoid hard foods or chewing on ice because they could contribute to damage to the crowns.

Receiving dental crowns near you at Allard Dental Centre ensures that your smile remains beautiful and the teeth are strong and function better.