Dental Fillings In Langley Township, BC

Dental Fillings in Langley, BC

Today there are multiple filling materials used to restore beautiful smiles. Each type will stop the spread of decay and repair the tooth. Therefore, you should know the benefits of each dental filling near you. Then you can better understand your options. Please contact Allard Dental Centre to learn more or to book a visit.

Effective Cavity Treatment Near You

Your Langley, BC, dentists fix cavities all the time. Therefore, this routine treatment is nothing to fear. We use different fillings depending on the size, location, extent of the repair, and cost. Regardless of the material we use, Our dentists must first remove all signs of decay and disinfect the area. This process results in a hole in the tooth that must be closed. Your dentists then fills the space and smooths the material to ensure a proper bite.

Tooth Fillings at Allard Dental Centre

We use the following tooth fillings near you at our Langley, BC, dental practice. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more in-depth information:

Composite fillings: Composite fillings consist of different resins. Out dentists applies the semi-solid materials and hardens them with a curing light. This is one of the most regular used fillings because it can be shaded to be a great match to your natural tooth color.

Ceramic fillings: These fillings are long-lasting, stain-resistant, and very aesthetically pleasing. Since the application procedure is more involved, ceramic fillings are more expensive. However, while ceramic costs more than composite, it is also more brittle.