Same -Day Emergency Appointment

Emergency Dentistry In Langley, BC

Dental emergencies are painful and can cost your tooth if not addressed promptly. At Allard Dental Centre, we understand how distressing they can be and offer urgent dental care to alleviate the pain and prevent the situation from worsening.

Our emergency dentist in Langley Township can handle dental emergencies ranging from severe toothaches and chipped teeth to knocked-out teeth and dental abscesses. Regardless of the issue, our dentist offers immediate care and relief.

We prioritize emergency cases and offer same-day dental appointments to ensure you receive the required attention immediately.

What Type Of Dental Emergencies Can We Handle?

At Allard Dental Centre, our local dentist can handle several dental emergencies, including the following-

  • Toothaches : Unbearable and excruciating tooth pain can indicate an underlying issue such as decay, infection, or tooth fracture. Our emergency dentist near you will diagnose the cause of your toothache and provide appropriate treatment to alleviate the pain.
  • Chipped or Fractured Teeth : Accidents happen, and when they affect your teeth, it is essential to seek prompt care. We can repair chipped or fractured teeth with cosmetic bonding, veneers, or crowns, depending on the extent of the damage.
  • Knocked-Out Teeth : Time is of the essence if you want to save your knocked-out tooth. Preserve the tooth in milk or saliva and come to our dental office immediately. Our dentists will strive to re-implant the tooth and restore your smile.
  • Loose or Dislodged Teeth : A sudden impact or injury can lead to teeth becoming loose or dislodged. We will stabilize the tooth and assess the damage to determine the most suitable action, including possible tooth extractions.
  • Dental Abscesses : An abscess is an infection requiring emergency dental care. Our dentist will drain the abscess, administer antibiotics if necessary, and address the underlying cause of the infection.
  • Lost Fillings or Crowns : A lost filling or crown can leave your tooth vulnerable to further damage. Our Langley dentist will replace or repair the restoration to protect your tooth from harm.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries : Injuries to the gums, cheeks, lips, or tongue can result in significant bleeding and discomfort. We can address soft tissue injuries and help you find relief.

Why Choose US During Dental Emergencies?

When you visit our dental clinic in Langley for emergency care, you can trust that you will receive the highest standard of treatment. We leverage digital scanners, X-rays, and imaging technology to diagnose your condition and develop tailored treatment plans accurately.

We understand that the time of a dental emergency can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. Our team of emergency dentists will provide a welcoming environment to help you feel at ease throughout your visit. We also offer same-day emergency dental appointments to immediately provide the care you need.

If you need prompt help during your dental emergency, contact Allard Dental Centre. We will provide all you need to handle the situation.