Full Mouth Extraction In Langley Township, BC

Full Mouth Extraction in Langley, BC

Although there are many reasons people would require a full mouth extraction, in most cases, it is done to prep the mouth for dentures. Additionally, our dentists may suggest a full mouth extraction in Langley if a patient has periodontal disease or extensive decay that has worsened to a point where other treatments cannot help. At Allard Dental Centre, we perform full mouth extractions whenever necessary.

Possible Reasons for Full Mouth Extractions

Our dentists can consider full mouth extractions for these and other reasons:

  • Bone loss
  • Implants
  • Dentures
  • Advanced decay
  • Abscess and infection
  • Accidents or trauma
  • Periodontal disease

If you have had poor oral health for a long time and are now experiencing pain within the bone and jaw, our full-mouth extraction dentist can determine if extracting the entire teeth is the best course of action.

Is Full Mouth Extraction Painful?

Many people put off visiting a dental office because they think their extraction procedure will be painful. Our dentists understand this, so we offer medication to numb and sedate your body. We use a local anesthetic if you have only a few teeth needing to be extracted. We may also use a mild sedative.

Receiving local anesthetic at our local dental clinic helps dull the pain, thus making sure that you do not feel anything. If we remove all the teeth from the mouth, we can use a general anesthetic, which puts you to sleep. After evaluation, we shall determine which sedation type to utilize for your extraction procedure.

Full Mouth Extraction Recovery Time

After extraction, the gums will require sufficient time to heal. In the initial days, there may be some pain and discomfort experienced. We will suggest appropriate medication to help manage the pain.

Swelling is common; therefore, we ask our patients to use ice packs to reduce swelling. Since the mouth is tender after the extraction surgery, our full mouth extraction dentist advises that you consume soft foods, including liquids, eggs, soup, smoothies, and applesauce. It is best to refrain from smoking because it interferes with healing and can delay or even bring complications like infection. In about 10 to 14 days time, you will have the extraction site healed.

Visit Allard Dental Centre to meet our dentists in Langley, who will evaluate you for mouth extraction!