Oral Cancer Screenings In Langley Township, BC

Oral Cancer Screenings in Langley, BC

Like any other cancer, the early detection of oral cancer is key to the patient’s chances of successful treatment and recovery. That is why many dentists recommend having regular oral cancer screenings near you. At Allard Dental Centre, we recommend oral cancer screenings for every adult over 20 years, at least once every three years. For those over 40, our dentists recommend screenings at least once every year. Those with risk factors, including heavy users of tobacco, alcohol drinkers, or those that have human papillomavirus, should also undergo screenings at least once every year.

The Oral Screening Process

The oral screening process typically begins with a clinical exam of the mouth and throat, looking for signs of abnormality and cancer. Some signs our dentists will look for to determine whether you might have cancer include bumps on the tongue or mouth, discoloration or patches of color, swelling, and ulcers.

Our dentists in Langley, BC, examine all areas of the mouth, including the inner cheek, the roof of the mouth, cheeks, and gums. Other areas to be inspected include the jaw, neck, the area under the chin, and the outer part of the cheeks. If any abnormality is detected, they might take several steps. For instance, our dentists at Allard Dental Centre will first start with a special dye or light that isolates the potentially problematic cells.

Additional steps might be taken in the screening and care process for oral cancer. If the dentists discover signs of oral cancer or cancerous lesions from the initial tests and exams, they might recommend one or both of the following.

Follow-up visits: A follow-up visit might be recommended to find out, in a few weeks, whether the abnormal area is still present in the mouth

Biopsy: A sample of your cells in the mouth can be removed and sent to the laboratory to determine whether cancerous cells are present.

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