Root Canal Therapy In Langley Township, BC

Root Canal Therapy in Langley, BC

Root canal treatment involves getting rid of an infected pulp to help relieve pain and save the tooth. During the treatment, our dentists clean the inside area of the tooth and disinfect it. A filling is then placed to seal that space and provide protection. At Allard Dental Centre, our dentists are ready to care for your dental problem.

What Happens if you Don’t Address Infected Pulp?

When bacteria enter the tooth’s pulp and cause an infection, you may require root canal therapy in Langley, BC. Mostly, there will be pain due to the infection. If the nerve endings are completely damaged, you may not even have pain, but the infection remains active and can affect the jawbone below, causing more damage.

If you don’t treat root infections, it can lead to tooth loss and extreme pain. If a tooth infection leads to tooth loss and you don’t replace the tooth, your face could look sunken due to loss of bone volume. The bacterial plaque will likely lodge in the spaces left behind after losing teeth. Also, you may be restricted to certain food items.

Root Canal Procedure in Langley, BC

The steps for root canal procedure are:

  • Anesthesia: Our dentists near you administer local anesthesia.
  • Dental dam placement: We place a small rubber dam over the area to isolate the tooth, keeping it dry as we perform the treatment.
  • Access hole: Our dentists make a small opening to access the pulp region.
  • Pulp removal: We remove the damaged or infected pulp and clean the hollow before shaping the canals.
  • Filling the canals: We use a rubbery dental material to fill the empty canal.
  • Sealing the tooth: A temporary dental filling is applied to seal the tooth, preventing bacteria from entering the root canal.
  • Placing a restoration: You may need a dental crown fitted over the tooth to restore your bite and protect the treated tooth.

Contact Allard Dental Centre if you are seeking root canal therapy near you. Our Langley, BC, dentists will examine your teeth before suggesting root canal therapy.