Sedation Dentistry In Langley Township, BC

Sedation Dentistry in Langley, BC

Many people don’t seek dental treatment or visit dentists in Langley, BC, because they fear dental tools or the procedure or are embarrassed about their condition. See dentists near you to receive checkups and treatments is always paramount. Allard Dental Centre strives to promote your oral health and prevent health complications that may arise from poor oral health.

Sedation dentistry in Langley, BC, ensures that you remain relaxed and comfortable while receiving your treatment or getting checkups. We provide a range of sedation depending on what procedure you are receiving or your anxiety and fear level.

Sedation Dentistry Procedures in Langley, BC

We offer sedation dentistry near you based on your individual needs. You may receive sedation if:

  • You are unable to remain still while getting treatment
  • You have sensitive teeth
  • You have a gag reflex
  • You don’t respond to pain medication
  • You are scheduled for complex dental treatment

Oral Sedation

You may need oral sedation if you receive an invasive procedure such as root canal therapy, surgical tooth extraction, or dental implants. Oral conscious sedation is delivered in the form of a fill. Our dentists administer it about one hour before receiving the treatment. When sedated with oral conscious sedative agents, you remain groggy. You may fall asleep during the procedure; however, you can still interact or communicate with our dentist whenever needed. Oral sedation affects your motor skills and memory temporarily.

We will discuss your options for sedation when you come to our dental clinic. Talk to us today if you fear dentists or dental procedures. Allard Dental Centre is there to ensure you have a comfortable experience during treatment.