Orthodontics In Langley Township, BC

Orthodontics in Langley, BC

It can be difficult to find the time to go to the dentists when you need to, but some things are important to take care of as soon as possible because neglecting them can cause even more harm. One of the issues that many patients neglect until they are told it is a major concern is an alignment issue.

Orthodontics is a kind of dentistry that deals with these types of issues. If you face one, it’s important to find a dental clinic that can fix the problem as soon as possible; the dental clinic you need is Allard Dental Centre in Langley, BC.

What Does Orthodontics Do?

Why is correcting alignment issues and getting orthodontic care so important? Because alignment issues and issues with the proper function of your teeth not only ruin your smile, but these types of issues can impact the health of your teeth and gums.

For example, severely misaligned teeth can create spacing issues that gradually shift your other teeth out of place and cause them to fall out if they shift too far from where the root system is.

Orthodontics provides solutions for these issues through dental work and dental appliances that solve the problems.

One of the most familiar types of orthodontic treatments is the use of braces to correct alignment issues. Braces slowly pull the misaligned teeth back into their proper spot, correcting the issue. The procedure needs to be done at a slow pace to allow the teeth to shift without causing damage to the root system.

Other orthodontic treatments include surgery to correct a cleft lip or palate and even surgery to correct a tongue tie.

Orthodontics also covers when you get a specialized mouth guard to protect your teeth, such as when playing sports or for those that grind their teeth at night. That’s why you should always make time for routine visits to the dentists so that you can find these issues and get them taken care of quickly.

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