Tooth Extractions In Langley Township, BC

Tooth Extractions in Langley, BC

Tooth extraction is a dental process where the tooth is completely removed from its socket. For many dental issues, tooth removal is only a last resort. If you are looking for tooth extractions in Langley, BC, the dentists at Allard Dental Centre have your back. Dentists prefer to save your natural teeth as much as possible, but tooth extraction can be just as effective in dealing with dental issues when necessary. After extraction, you may receive restorations such as dentures, bridges, or dental implants. Our dentists near you will assist you with solutions after extraction.

When Tooth Extraction is Needed

At Allard Dental Centre, our dentists recommend that patients undergo tooth extraction procedures when their health is so compromised that a dentist can no longer repair it. Several such scenarios would warrant tooth extraction. These include;

  • Tooth decay: This is the most regular reason for tooth removal and happens when decay has gone past the enamel to the dentin and the pulp
  • Overcrowded teeth: If teeth are severely overcrowded, the removal can be useful in the restoration of the aesthetic appeal of the teeth, as well as the proper alignment in the jawbone
  • Gum disease: Degenerative infection that affects the tissues of the gums and ligaments, as well as the bone that supports the teeth
  • Impacted teeth: This refers to teeth that have yet to erupt above the gum line
  • Breakage or trauma: When teeth break very near the gum line, there might not be enough visible parts to warrant a tooth restoration or use such solutions as crowns.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Dentists in Langley, BC, will typically start the extraction process with an examination to determine whether extraction would be the perfect solution. The extraction can be simple, where the tooth is removed after receiving simple local anesthesia. It can also be surgical, whereby our dentists near you cut through the gums to access the tooth buried in the gum tissue. Visit Allard Dental Centre today for a comprehensive dental exam and tooth extraction.